Awarding the Monotony

Everyone needs to be rewarded.
There needs to be fun awards that recognizes the BS you do that nobody appreciates!
You spend all day sitting at the screen and you deserve recognition.

Fret Not My Fellow Professionals

We have consulted with the BOFH. Lifted the spirits of the PFY.
Deflected the budget cuts from the PHB.
While doing our job that needs to be done we have produced these fine awards to recognize YOU!

Our First Award

I have already designed and ordered the first award for you desk jockey's, Help Desk Monkeys, Data Center Dwellers, Dev Ops Engineers, Sys Admin's, BOFH's, Tier 1, Tier 2 and all the rest of you watching a progress bars day to day.

  • Blood / Sweat / Tears / Baseball Bats


You made it down here, why haven't you ordered?