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Who Is It?

I always found it funny when starting new projects and a new website. Should I make all the copy say "we/us" or just let it be and admit it's just me.

This venture is TOTALLY an "US" project. 

1st you have
ME: This is a recent-ish stylized photo of me at a job

2nd you have Myself: I like fun projects. I have a heavy dose of sarcasm and condencension in my work attitude. Therefore if you don't like this .. I don't care. You are wrong, my idea is awesome. Hell even my 16yr son laughed at this domain name.

3rd there is I: I had the idea, I found a supplier, I bought the domain name. I built the first edition of this website (WordPress + Beaver Builder + WooCommerce)

In conclusion this project is totally an Us project and not just me. (I swear, I'm not crazy)